1. The Buyer is entitled to return or to change the goods according Lithuanian legislation (Order No. 271 of the Minister of Economy dated on 29-06-2001 and Order No. 258 of the Minister of Economy dated on 17-08-2001).
  2. If the Buyer wishes to return an item for exchange or refund, we suggest to do so through a secure and insured delivery service (like UPS, DHL, DPD etc) to “CottonKiss”, Giedraičiu str. 93, Vilnius, Lithuania. Returning fees are payed by the Buyer.
  3. Goods have to be returned during 14 days from the arrival of goods to the Buyer.
  4. Replacement and return are possible only if the goods were not used, not dirty, the goods, labels and the package is not damaged.
  5. The Seller has a right not to accept the goods if the Buyer fails to comply returns policy.
  6. If the Buyer got delivered different goods than purchased, the Seller commits to change them to analogical eligible ones.
  7. If the Seller does not have eligible goods for exchange, the Buyer receives the paid amount.
  8. If the Buyer paid with the gift coupon, the Buyer receives a gift coupon back and the additional amount paid.
  9. If the Buyer returns the goods purchased during the sale, the Buyer receives the same amount paid with the valid former discount.
  10. The Buyer agrees to receive the money to the Buyer’s bank account.